Lectures and workshops have been part of Rebecca Ahlstedt´s career from the very start. Her educational mission is based on her interest in the dynamics of the educational space. It offers a common ground for critically questioning roles, responsibility and possibilities in design. Among the subjects of lectures and talks are: the social fabric of urbanity & design, craft & design, the power of communication in objects & clothing, art expressions as pedagogic tools, art & entrepreneurship.  A selection of workshops and talks have taken place at Västerbotten museum in Umeå, Fashion Centre in Stockholm, KRO in Malmö and Platoon Creative Alliance in Mexico City.

Artistic projects and research is a growing part of Rebecca Ahlstedt´s work. She focuses on visual culture in public space and the subject of identity, power dynamics, performativity on the basis of design as social materia. During 2018 the result of the Innovative Stockholm funded light project BIOS will be presented.

Interview by Centro Design College in Mexico City, during Rebecca Ahlstedt´s workshop on the subject “Future Social Cities”. The workshop was a collaboration with Erica Jacobson Design.