Stories from the inside

A trilogy of illustrated stories for a floor installation, inspired by the hidden world inside our bodies: The Weeping Illness, The dormant Bronchial Tree & the Dance of the Red, the White and the Plateles.

The project was created as a sketch proposal for the entrance hall at Queen Silvia´s Child hospital in Gothenburg. The stories will come in stop motion animation and be placed on the floor level under a walkable glass surface with a surrounding sculpture landscape. The night view picture of the entrance hall is partly created by White Architects and the illustration with the art installation is made by the artist.

The entrance hall of Queen Silvia´s Childrens hospital

Siljan Turism AB, situated in the heart of Dalarna markets and offers tourist products in one of Sweden’s most popular and attractive tourist destinations. Siljan Tourism has 600 shareholders and four tourist offices in Leksand, Rättvik, Mora and Orsa. Each year, up to 150,000 people visits the tourist centres.

Studio Rebecca Ahlstedt was commissioned to create an interior design concept for the headquarters and the tourist offices and shops. The aim was to create a qualitative and representative environment, as an extension of the brand philospohy. She invited Studio Feuer into the project.

Based on the cultural values and natural landscape that Dalarna represents, the design team added the  words “professionalism, timelessness and representation” to the concept, enabling Siljan to become equal to a cultural embassy for Dalarna. An updated folklore and axy organic forms along side clarity and distinct form was the result. The concept was implemented in the office spaces, meeting rooms, an open living room and the kitchen. The team also provided space built sound absorbes, textiles and a selection of customized furniture.  In addition a concept for the tourist office and shop was delivered.

Public space