Nature Connected

Nature Connected is a design program, developed for the village Särna within the Interregional project Scandinavian Heartland, in a bilateral collaboration between the county of Dalarna in Sweden and Hedmarks Fylke in Norway. Särna is a small village situated in connection to a nature reserve and the mountain with Swedens highest waterfall Njupedal and Europes oldest tree, 9000 years. During centuries the income came from the forest. Today the urgent wish for Särna was to come together in an visual manifestation and to communicate their possibilities and offers to people and tourists passing through the area. The design program was developed in close connections to the village locals by Studio Rebecca Ahlstedt, Confetti communication and Nod Combine Architecture, commissioned by Teknikdalen in Borlänge and the county administrative board of Dalarna. Studio Rebecca Ahlstedt was also commissioned to implement several of the design solutions.

Public space