Illustrations by Martin Bergström, My Hellsten & Erica Jacobson

A selection of curatorial work is presented below:


2017 ”STORIES ON MIGRATION – Sweden beyond the Headlines” at House of Sweden. Curating and Exhibition design. An exhibition on how migration is shaping the Swedish society through the lens of grass root initiatives. The Fashion collective This in Sweden, the artist Lisa Stålspets and the graphic designers Parasto Backman and Erica Jacobson were selected in addition. Alexander Mahmooud´s photo project Fleeing to Sweden was also included in the exhibition., alongside with a selection of the exhibition I´m Alive – on how IT and technology play a crucial role when fleeing, produced by the Museum of Technology, Stockholm.

2016 CRAFT / ART / SOCIETY – Swedish Fashion Stories. An exhibition tour ongoing internationally. A picture story and spatial installation of the craftsmanship, artistic approaches and social commitment that has framed work by designers and fashion designers since the turn of the millennium. Sarajevo, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Mexico city, Cuba and Guatemala city during 2016. Produced by the Swedish Institute.

Exhibition depicting four goals for a gender equal Swedish society.Representation, Economy, Unpaid domestic work and Men´s violence at House of Sweden, Washington DC. A selection of cultural practices and examples to show how the creators addresses these issues were included. Curating in collaboration with Christina Knight and exhibition architecture by Studio Rebecca Ahlsted. Produced by the Swedish Institute.

Curated exhibition of fashion and craft items, combined with a selection of museum pieces from All Russian Museum of Decorative Art´s collections in Moscow. The participating fashion designers from both countries led workshops for a Russian audience. Produced by the Swedish Institute.

Curating and Exhibition design of an open creative craft space / workshops at the Swedish Institute in Paris.Curated content of craft and fashion artifacts including a selection of participating fashion designers and craftsmen in the workshops. In addition,  the exhibition scenography was presented in various craft techniques like macramé and fresh wood from our own land in Dalarna. Collaboration with Studio My Hellsten. Curated, designed & produced by Studio Rebecca Ahlstedt for the Swedish Institute.

2012-13 ”DESIGN S AWARD: Don´t stop the motion”
A touring exhibition for Swedish form. Exhibition architect and project manager for exhibition production and the stop motion production in collaboration with Maja Jakobsson, designer MFA and Pontus Johanssson, photographer. The exhibition was presented at Fotografiska muséet in Stockholm, Form och Design Center in Malmö as well as in Tibro, Hamburg, Moscow and Hong Kong.