With a starting point in critical design thinking and a material orientated practice –  curating, design and art practices are closely related in Rebecca Ahlstedt ´s work as a spatial designer.

Rebecca Ahlstedt Hedås is a Swedish designer,  artist and senior lecturer in Spatial design at Konstfack https://www.konstfack.se/en/Education/Masters-Degree-Programmes/Design/Spatial-Design/ . She addresses spatial design  in its broadest sense, by the creation of temporary installations, interiors and exhibition architecture. Her young age was spent in Dalarna, an area in rural Sweden where craft still has a strong hold. With an international family background,  England, Wales & Scotland became early framing contexts with a mix of history and contemporary cultures. Rebecca holds a Master of Fine Arts in Design, with studies at HDK (SE), Aalto Aalto University (FI) and Design Academy (NL). Studio Rebecca Ahlstedt was founded in 2006 and is based in Stockholm. The studio work includes different spatials contexts like the public realm, the hospitality sector and exhibition design in Sweden and internationally. Rebecca Ahlstedt also does curatorial work for various clients and lectures at Art & Design Colleges.

In 2017 she co-funded the international group Undeni together with the artist Anna Senno. www.undeni.com


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