Photo credit Mattias Edwall. Pop up Exhibition, Stockholm Fashion Week 2016.

The joint work of the hand and mind is a founding principle in Rebecca Ahlstedt´s work, never the less when aiming at commissions in public space or a specific prop for an exhibition or interiod. She works within a range of materials and design contexts. At heart of the work is the practical design work, where modest but brilliant tools, like ink and a sketch book, are combined with digital practices.

With a starting point in critical design thinking, curating, design and art practice are closely related to each other in her work. Covering a range of fields within visual culture like fashion, craft and public space amongst others, Rebecca Ahlstedt often engages in the total production of curating, designing and project managing the production of exhibition scenography, content and text and events for museums, organisations, fairs and cultural houses among others.